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Reiki - Life - Happiness

Holistic Healing

Life is like a smooth flow of water,we make dams and checkdams of egos and emotions, to store and restrict the natures beauty for our life.Damaging the inner self and leading to unawareness towards life. Pure, cute and loving life. Life that is full of Unknown Energy, which is always there to guide and lead. Life means keep flowing and enjoy the changes in the process of flowing from pleasure, pain, hurt, love etc. Feel the loving energy guiding to be a human - understanding self and others as Self. Try to avoid negative surroundings, environment, people, situations etc. and U will feel charged and fully equipped with energy for self and others benefit.Accept people as they are with love and compassion. Difficult, but is possible.

REIKI An Approach to Holistic Healing and Self Development

(Being with Life)

REIKI is a Japanese word formed by two word - Rei (Ray) and Ki (Key) Rei, which means Universal (sarva vyapi) and Ki, means Life Force Energy (jeev shakti). Reiki is a healing Energy which, is abundant in the Universe. This Life force Energy is called Prana in Hindi and Chi in Chinese. It is an unseen energy which, flow in all the living beings including plants and animals and we all have this energy since our birth.

Reiki helps to dissolve problems (dis-eases) and balance the body, mind, emotion and to their natural state of being. As Reiki flows in the body, it breaks up and washes away blockages causing illness or dis-eases and it also washes any negative thoughts or feelings settled in the unconscious mind / body thus allowing a normal free flow of energy. With this the affected physical organs,tissues or a body as a whole become nourished and energised with Reiki. Thus, begins functioning in a balanced healthy way replacing illness with health.



Reiki Masters Practising Traditional Usui System

Wish U all a Very Happy, Healthy,Peaceful and Spiritual 2018

Lots of Health, Wealth, Happiness & Peace in LIFE


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