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JDHay's Crooners

Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy collection

Giannina Mia (Jeanette MacDonald)
I Married An Angel (Nelson Eddy)
Indian Love Call (Jeanette MacDonald with Nelson Eddy)
Italian Street Song (Jeanette MacDonald)
Lover Come Back To Me (Nelson Eddy)
One Hour With You (Nelson Eddy)
Only A Rose (Jeanette MacDonald)
Shortenin Bread (Nelson Eddy)
Soldiers Of Fortune (Nelson Eddy)
Stouthearted Men (Nelson Eddy)
Volga Boatman Song (Nelson Eddy)
Wanting You (Jeanette MacDonald with Nelson Eddy)
Will You Remember Me (Jeanette MacDonald with Nelson Eddy)
Without A Song (Nelson Eddy)
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