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ˇAmo a muchachos- que son estúpidos!

**Amo a muchachos... y a muchachas!**

I love boys...

...They're stupid! That's what the title means, in case you wanted to know.

Quite misleading actually. I do like boys, but I like girls too ^_-. Linda from Gimme Gimme Gimme said: "Theres no such thing as bisexual, it's just greedyness!" and it describes me to a T.

Before I forget to mention it, this is my first attempt at web design, and crappy as it may be, I'm sorta proud. Before I just used free templates which were OK, but this one has "ME" stamped all over it!
The main background is from Vintage Glow, and I edited an piccie of sailor Luna from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. I don't know where on Earth I got that from, but if you can tell me I'll put up a link.

Oh, and you aren't stupid, but I'll just help you navigate. Elija uno means click me, casero meanshome, yo means me, usted means you, and www means www. Happy browsing!