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ˇAmo a muchachos- que son estúpidos!

**Find your perfect Sailor scout partner!**

Which sailorscout are you more likely to sleep with?

Ok, what do you do with your free time?
< I like sports, ones where I can be by myself. I tend to think a lot.
I go to a lot of concerts, boy bands mostly, and I LOOOVE boy watching!
I don't care, so long as I'm with my friends!...but I'd be extra-happy if I had an ice cream too.
I love to read, anything will do, and I do my fair share of studying. I've setmy sights high, so I have to.
Well, I'm almost always busy, I don't have alot of free time. But bars are always good.

You're set to be stranded on a desert island- what do you take with you?

My boyfriend/ girlfriend or a shopping mall!
My laptop with cordless internet connection. I'm smart, I figure out a way to recharge the batteries...
I.m fine with being on my own, I'd start a diary.
I'm not an idiot. I'd take my mobile phone so I could call for help, dumbass.
All my friends and a cookery book.

If you could have anypet in the world, what would it be?

A big dog. They're so fun! You can play with them for hours.
A rat. They're very intelligent, they need to be constantly sitmulated.
A cute, fluffy bunny! Or a pretty kitty. Cats are good 'cos If you forget to look after them (like me), they won't die or anything!
I'm really not a pet person.
A goldfish. I don't have time for anything else.

Describe your ideal partner.

It's fine if they aren't always around. But if I need them, they'll be there.
Bubbly, fun, somebody that can keep up with me!
The quiet, thoughtful type. A little reckless mabe...
Sweet and innocent, that I can protect.
Someone I can share good conversation with, and that I can rely on.

Pick a color:

Gold or navy
Red or black
Blue or green
Yellow or orange
Pink or white