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The 80s Bananarama Website!

Welcome to the only retro Bananarama website around! It’s the place to be if you love both the 80s and Bananarama. Being one of the coolest bands of that time, be sure to check out both the biography and discography with full appreciation of things such as cruel summers, bananas and venus!

The 80s Bananarama Website!


bananarama are back!

Yes, Keren & Sarah do have a new album out "Drama", which is pretty good and containing a great song called Feel For You, but who can forget the time when, with Siobhan, they were one of the COOLEST bands around, brings out classics such as Robert Deniro's Waiting, I Heard A Rumour and Venus? This 80s bananarama website celelebrates just that, the gals themselves, the music and the fashion. Enjoy!
P.S 04/07 Check out some of the 'new' bonus songs on the re-released 80s albums...True Confessions has got the sought after and very cute and clever 'Scarlet' as well as an amazing discorama 'Set On You' plus the sweet slow song 'Ghost' and 'White Train' Oh and the single version of 'More Than Physical' which is louder than the album version! Their self tited album has got the rebelious 'Push' as a highlight, Deep Sea Skiving has breezy 'Girl About Town' and the funny 'No Feelings' as well as He's Got Tact...Finally, Wow has 'Mr Sleaze' which is very funny! However, thats the only extra full 'new' song on that one. 06/08- Bananarama are currently working on another new album, its almost finished and will be releasing a new single. Have a great, not cruel(!) summer! 09/09 New dance album, Viva, out now. Vx

bananarama are back!




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