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US2004 "QL at Disney World" - pictures by Urs König

In spring 2004 (April 24/25 th) another QL event did happen in Orlando, Florida, USA.

US2004 group photo Leave a Legacy QL forever
For the first time in more than a decade, a group photo was shot. It is incomplete as some guys already left. Florida was the place to make the QL be remembered forever.

Here's my journey report:
Together with my wife Sandra we planned our “summer” holidays in a way that they went together with the 2004 US QL-show. We left Switzerland direction Miami on Wednesday before the show. We did spend a night and a day in Miami Beach where we stayed in an Art Deco Hotel. Then we drove all the way up to Orlando where we got our holiday home in Clermont. The QL-show was a two days event with many European and Californian guys attending. It was a great show and we shared a lot of experiences, a “high-speed” internet connection (a lan switch was connected to a GPRS mobile phone) and swapped files. After the show I stayed with my family for 3 more weeks in Florida. We had such a great time together. One day I was at the Epcot centre where they have a memorial institution called “Leave a Legacy”. I did make the QL be remembered forever. The Epcot "Leave a Legacy" ID is East 5-H-5-8-17.
Urs König, October 1st 2006