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US2003 "QL reaches mach 2" - pictures by Urs König

In spring 2003 (May 17th) another QL event did happen in West Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Urs König made Mach 2 on 19.05.2003 with the BA Concorde Urs König made approx. 50'000 feet on 19.05.2003 with the BA Concorde
Mach 2 on 48'000 feets and above (reached approx. 50'000 feets)

Here's my journey report:
I had a business meeting on Wednesday May 14th in London. I used the opportunity to add some holidays which became very special. I booked two flights at the BA desk at London Heathrow (LHR): May 15th LHR to JFK using a Boeing 747 and May 19th JFK to LHR using the Concorde! Before the QL show I had a night and two half days in NYC. On Friday I took the train to West Haven, Connecticut where the QL show was held. I was very sick and had some 39 degrees celsius fever those days. I did stay two days in the Econo Logde. After the QL show - which I was not really able to enjoy - I went back the next day to NYC and visited ground zero. On Monday 19.05.2003 I had my very special mach 2 experience which - no wonder - I did also not enjoy much. I spent a night and a day in London in a hotel room and went back home on Wednesday May 21st. The sickness stayed for two complete weeks.
Urs König, October 1st 2006

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