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Who the fuck are they?

The mighty Haggis were formed In Stavanger,Norway by Ottar with the intention of starting an all oi!/skinhead band,several line ups later and Ottar is the only original member.In 1996 Haggis were accused of being a nazi band and even had a Police expert on 'Criminal youth culture' flown in to analyse their lyrics! Nothing came of this however,as the cop couldn't find any racist or nazi lyris so the band carried on in their usual drunken and riotous manner.More gigs,riots and bans followed and in their time the band have played with the likes of the Cockney rejects,GBH,Judge Dredd,Section 5,Braindance as well as fellow Norwegian bands The Whalers and the Fuck ups.A lot of Haggis gigs end in riots,and a recent trip to Denmark ended up with the band and entourage being ordered out of the country by the police! Haggis are barmy as hell,so if they play a gig near you...LEAVE TOWN QUICK!!

What have they released?

Party i toer-luga E.P 1999
Keine Zukker E.P 2002
Pride is our Crime E.P 2002
Aggro Mongos (Anthemic) 2002
7" of Oi! 2000