Here they are campers!!! You've waited patiently (and in some cases impatiently) for them- Your very first STILLS from the forthcoming movie! Enjoy...

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Sleepaway Camp part 1 STILL Gallery

In the scene ABOVE, camp trouble-maker Alan finds himself in a tight squeeze. It seems that bad-ass Bella, one of Alan's many nemesis' at camp, wants to see if she can make him sing Soprano! (or maybe that's Vinny Pastore's job?) The two campers find themselves harassing each other constantly with food fights, spitballs, and nasty name calling contests. What fun would camp be without Kids being so Mean to each other?? Unfortunately for Alan, the girl of his dreams, Karen, happens to catch his spat with Bella!

Above: It seems that when Alan isn't being bullied around, he's doing the bullying himself! Being BIG for his age seems to work for him, as his large presence often scares the younger campers (and even some of the older ones). Here he picks on a group of the younger campers while innocent bystander Pee-Pee sits on the bleechers eating a candy bar! Many of you SLEEPAWAY CAMP fans will notice a striking similiarity about the way Pee-Pee is sitting. Perhaps something reminiscent of a previous SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Hmmm.

Above: And it just wouldn't be SLEEPAWAY CAMP without all hell breaking loose! Here KAREN finds the bloody corpse of a fellow camper and screams in bloody terror!

Above: Seems like our old camp buddies Ronnie and Ricky have something to scream about too!! When it comes to relentless kids and blood curdling terror, there's only 1 place to go...SLEEPAWAY CAMP!

...So pack your body bags and get ready for your RETURN to SLEEPAWAY CAMP! There's a nasty new hit-list at SLEEPAWAY CAMP and if you're on it, you're DEAD MEAT! People are being butchered and not everyone will make it out alive! Who will survive? Who is behind the bloody madness???
Written and Directed by Robert Hiltzik, the creator of the original Camp Carnage Masterpiece! Fans worldwide have been waiting years for this! A RETURN to the mystery! A RETURN to a hardcore Camp Horror movie! A RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP!