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Worcester, Massachusetts makes a small stab into SLEEPAWAY CAMP history On October 8, 2005. Jeff Hayes introduced the World Premiere of the RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP (first) trailer in his home city at the ROCK AND SHOCK Horror Convention.
Horror fans seemed genuinely thrilled as they watched a bunch of mean kids tormenting each other and caught glimpses at some of the film’s nasty murders. Audience members asked Jeff if the film was a slasher-mystery period piece because they felt a strong 80’s style horror-slasher vibe, a quality which they greatly appreciated and were thrilled to see being resurrected.
Following the trailer was a 4 minute behind-the-scenes preview, taking viewers on a brief tour of the set, hosted by original “Angela” Felissa Rose and Jeff Hayes.
RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP is completing the final phases of digital post-production now, with a 2006 release to follow. Yes, the trailer and behind the scenes preview are coming to the the meantime, here’s a brief sneak peek at the trailer premiere (in Windows Media format) to hold you over...