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Internord (Areo Nord/Ostermanair)


Aviation, Airliners, Airlines of Scandinavia Encyclopedia
a consortium of Aero Nord and Ostermanair

Last updated 1st January,2021


Convair 990A Coronado, OY-ANI at Stockholm, Arlanda Airport (ARN) Sweden
Photo: Lars Söderström, October 1967


During November 1965, Aero-Nord A/S, the Danish aircharter merged with Ostermanair Air Charter
Sweden as an equal commercial partnership and established the consortium Internord Aviation A/S
and Internord Aviation AB under the official name - Internord. The HQ was based in Copenhagen,

Nordair Douglas DC-7B, OY-AOE at Copenhagen/Kastrup (CPH).
Photo: Mogens Wahl

Ostermanair Douglas DC-7B, SE-CNI, at Stockholm/Bromma Airport (BMA), Sweden.
Photo: Lars Söderström

Internord Douglas DC-7B, OY-CNI, at Copenhagen/Kastrup Airport (CPH), Denmark.
Photo Mogens Wahl

The fleet consisted of 4 no DC-7 from Nordair A/S and 4 no DC-7B from Ostermanair Sweden. Each
carrier had to be responsible for maintenance of the their fleet and crewing their aircraft contributed
to the consortium and would operate IT charter flights between the Scandinavian countries to the
Mediterranean resorts and to the Canary Islands on behalf of travelagencies in Denmark and Sweden.

When Internord was going to introduce jet-aircrafts in their fleet the company first placed a pri-order
of 3 no 727-100QC`s from Boeing but without any fruitation. Instead agreements were signed with
American Airlines to purchase 3 no Convair 990A Coronado`s and spareparts.

American Airlins Convair 990 Coronado N5602, Columbus, Port Columbus Intl (CMH), 1967.
Photo: Bob Garrard

Though Internord had it´s HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark and workshops at Kastrup airport, Denmark
and at Bromma airport, Stockholm, Sweden the Convair 990´s were going to be based in Stockholm.

The first 990 OY-ANI was delivered in June, 1967 to Arlanda, Stockholm and entered service in the
end of June. The second aircraft was deleiverd in December. Four of the DC-7´s were grounded now
due to the unecconomical operation with the troubled turbocompounded DC-7´s. The third 990 was
delivered the following year in March.

Internord 990 , OY-ANL, at Stockholm/Arlanda Airport (ARN), Sweden.
Photo:Lars Söderström

Internord Douglas DC-7B, SE-CNG at Liverpool/John Lennon Intl. airport (LPL).
Photo: Ken Fielding

The airline operated on some major European cities and Mediterranean resorts including Las Palmas
Canary Islands and transported about 350 000 passengers per year. In June 1968 fleet consisted of 4
no DC-7B`s and 3 Convair 990 Coronado´s.

By this time Internord was running into financial difficulties and steps were taken to ground the re-
maining DC-7 aircrafs and only operate the Coronado´s with had an over-capacity of seats on
almost all flights probably. This probably led to the bankruptsy on October 30, 1968. All aircrafts
were returned to the lessors or creditors. The catering company Aero Chef was taken over by the
competitor Sterling Airways.

Internord Douglas DC-7, OY-AND stored in front of Ostermans workshops at Stockholm/Bromma,
December 1968 airport (BMA) a few days after the airline´s bankruptsy.
Peter Malmström

Swedish Red Cross Douglas DC-7, SE-ERR, prepared to fly to at Stockholm/Bromma
Photo; Kjell Nilsson

The Internord, DC-7B`s OY-ANA, ANB, ANC, AND was re-registered as SE-ERO,ERD,EDU and
they were used for the airbridge operations by the Swedish Red Cross from Sao Tomé to Biafra part
of Nigeria during the on-going civilwar, an ethnic and political conflict in Nigeria during 1967-1970.

The Convair 990A Coronado`s were later sold to Spantax SA via American Airlines.


Douglas DC-7/7B (1955)
112 passengers
4 Curtiss Wright R3350 988TC-18-DA2/4 turbocompound engines
3.250 hp each.

Convair CV-990 Coronado (1961)
96 - 121 passengers
4 turbofan General Electric CJ805-23B engines
16,100 lb.s.t/ 7150 kgs each.
Max. cruising speed 5884 m-p.h./988 km/h.

The CV-990, originally developed as the CV-880 but re-numbered for sales promotion purposes, was
flown for the first time on January 24,1961, the intercontinental version being known as the Coronado.

The CV-990 differs from the CV-880 in having a longer fuselage, greater wing chord and area, more
fuel and four anti-shock bodies on the wing trailing edge.


Douglas DC-7
OY-ANA msn 45402, 69 to SE-ERO (SRC)*
OY-ANB msn 45401, 69 to SE-ERP (SRC)*
OY-ANC msn 45399, 69 to SE-EDU (SRC)*
OY-AND msn 45404, 69 to SE-ERR (SRC)*
)* = Swedish Red Cross

SE-CNE msn 44143, 64-03-06 - 67-04-06
SE-CNF msn 44130, 64-04-10 - 67-04-06
SE-CNG msn 44129, 64-06-03 - 66-10-21
SE-CNH msn 44140, 65-02-02 - 66-11-14
SE-CNI msn 44131, 65-03-04 - 66-10-14

Convair 990A Coronado
OY-ANI msn 30-10-25, 67-06-23 - 68-10-30 to N5616
OY-ANL msn 30-10-36, 68-03-16 - 68-10-30 to N5612
SE-DDK msn 30-10-34, 67-12-02 - 68-10-30 to N5606

Anyone with information regarding Internord, i.e flight code (-), history, fleet....
Please send an email. Thank You.


Images: Thanks to Lars Söderström, Mogens Wahl, Bob Garrard, Ken Fielding, Peter Malmström
and Kjell Nilsson.

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