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Race Results - 2001

Oran Park - First Race meeting 2001. Unfortunately we developed a misfire during qualifying which put us third last on a grid of 27 cars - not the start we had been looking for. On top of this we burst an oil line in race one, and could not find the misfire all weekend. After making some running repairs to the oil line, we managed to crawl our way up to 20th position in the final.

Wakefield Park - Misfire fixed!
With the misfire solved, and another 30 horsepower on tap things were looking good for Wakefield Park. We had some major handling problems in qualifying and again started near to last on the grid. We worked our way forward in race one, only to break a throttle cable in race two. Starting from last position in the final we finished 15th, at least it was an improvement.

Eastern Creek - Handling sorted out!
After missing two rounds, with the suspension of the car being re-engineered, we were back with avengence at Eastern Creek. A steep learning curve was inplace, as I had never driven the circuit before. After a fairly trouble free race day, we finished 8th in the final, but drastically in need of some more horsepower.

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