About Certain Mopeds

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What I know about the Honda PC-50

Through my research I have learned a few things about the Honda PC-50. It came in two main colours red and blue. There was also a rare orange model. (This is what I have.) Front and rear fenders, chain garde, and “fake” gas take side, are all white. This white tends to scale in sun and will crack off layers. The carburetor cover and air filter cover where some times the colour of the frame and too would crack in the sun. There were two decals one on the gas tank and the other on the “fake” side. The headlight is the exact same one at that is on a valuable Honda mini-bike. So many Honda PC-50 were tossed after the light was taken off. And almost all the parts are discontinued. Also it seems as though no one has this bike.

Mopeds were (and still are) mostly powered by a 2-stroke engine, although Ducati, Honda, and Indian did some experimenting with 4-stroke