My CCM Cheetah

Here is the story of my CCM Cheetah -Lowrider
My brother bought me this bike for $2, at a yard sale. He got it for me so I could use it for parts for my other bikes. But no, I loved at as is. Banana seat, high rise handle bars, high rise sissy bar, and it was neon yellow. I had to restore this. I did this project before I got my moped.
Well I took it all apart and tried to re-paint it with a fresh coat of neon yellow, but for the final coat I used another can of paint, same numbers, same codes but it had a tint of orange. So it kind of ruined it. I still have to re-paint it. But it still looks good.
I set out for a head light and found a generator light. It is powered by running of my back tire. It has a tail light, and high low beam.
The chrome is all polished and I am happy with the restoration job on this bike.

These are pictures I took at work on day with the digital camera.