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Metro - original 1980 brochure
A British car to beat the world
Never before has so much gone into so little
Metro 1.3 HLS
Metro 1.3S
Metro HLE
Metro L
Metro standard
Dimensions / MPG

You are about to enter a history book. Here I've tried to present as faithfully as possible pretty well the entire original brochure for the Metro, now more than 20 years old.

All the words are written by Austin, so I take no responsibility. Apart, that is, when I simply cannot restrain myself and have to make a comment. In such cases, the text will be green, like this. As it happens, I haven't managed to restrain myself very much.

Enjoy - there isn't a test at the end.

The first page of the first Metro brochure.  Almost as important an historical document as the Magna Carta.