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1950s Nightlife


nightclubs & ballrooms

Nightclubs were a major source of entertainment in the 1950s. The nightclub experience included dinner, drinks, dancing and floor shows featuring the best performers in show business. TV was still in its infancy, so if you wanted to see the latest acts, you went to clubs like Ciro's or the Copacabana.

Visit my Entertainers page to find out who you might have seen on a nightclub stage!

Los Angeles
The Troubadour
The Ambassador Hotel:
-------The Cocoanut Grove
The Mocambo
The Trocadero
Villa Capri
Moulin Rouge
Slapsie Maxie's
The Crescendo
Hollywood Palladium
The Interlude

Miami Beach
The Latin Quarter

Atlantic City
The 500 Club

San Francisco
The Hungry i
New York City
The Copacabana
The Stork Club
Plaza Hotel:
-------Persian Room
Harwyn Club
-------Starlight Roof
Village Vanguard
St. Regis Hotel:
-------St. Regis Roof
El Morocco

Blue Moon
Willowbrook Ballroom
Melody Mill
Milford Ballroom
Chez Paree
Mister Kelly's
The Bluenote

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Souvenirs from the famous Copacabana


During the 1920s and 1930s, Cuba was a top tourist destination for wealthy Americans escaping prohibition. In the 1940s, the mafia gained a foothold in Cuba's gambling industry when mob leaders were invited to help clean up Havana's corrupt casinos and racetracks.

By 1952, corruption was again rampant, and the mafia was again put in control. The result was seven years of success for Havana as a major nightlife destination. Havana became known as "The Monte Carlo of the Caribbean."

The party was over in 1959 when Fidel Castro took control of Cuba, causing America to break all ties with the island.

There were three large nightclubs in Havana: the Tropicana, the Montmartre and Sans Souci. Casinos included the Riviera Casino, Capri Hotel Casino and Havana Hilton Casino. The Hotel Nacionale was the largest hotel on the island, and also provided entertainment and gambling.

Novelist Ernest Hemingway was a regular customer at the Floridita Bar in Havana. The frozen daiquiri was invented there.

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Floridita Bar
The Floridita Daiquiri

Las Vegas

Las Vegas became a gambling destination in the 1930s. The famous Strip was born in the 1940s when the first large resort hotels were built on a stretch of highway outside the city limits.

Las Vegas combined casino action and nightclub excitement to create a glamorous oasis in the desert. At its peak in the 1950s, a new casino or hotel opened on the Strip every six months.

The Horseshoe Casino put a million dollars on display, proving that they were ready to take on the high rollers

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cocktail lounges

On a smaller scale, perhaps you prefer the intimate atmosphere of a smoky, jazzy cocktail lounge?

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Liquor & Drink

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