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At Home in the 1960s

home trends
rotating TV antennas on the roof
big backyards
owning your own home in the suburbs


open floor plans
split-level houses
rustic vacation homes
modern "space age" designs
ranch homes

Peter Max clock

groovy stuff
Psychedelic paintings & op art

Black-light posters

Keep On Truckin'!

Peter Max
John Thompson's Poster Art
Black-Light Posters

Posters became very popular in the 1960s. It was an inexpensive way for young people to decorate their rooms and express themselves at the same time.

in the bedroom


chenille bedspreads
groovy posters
mod collectibles
princess phones
alarm clocks with dials

Jetset: Designs For Modern Living
Avocado Memories
Seattle Modern
Retro Housewife: 60s Home Decor

----Metal TV trays


The TV became the focal point-----
of the living room-------------

in the living room

The Googie decor that was prevalent in motels and restaurants could also be found in the average home. Outer space themes and aerodynamic shapes found their way into furnishings, accessories and wall hangings. Boomerang-shaped coffee tables and starburst wall clocks were perfect examples of this.

It was popular to use loggias and shelves as room dividers. With so many people living in small homes and apartments, this made decorating small areas easier.

Round throw pillows, ottomans and Eames furniture completed the look. And make sure you have plenty of ashtrays!

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in the den

New suburban homes had spaces that were designed especially for the family. The main sitting area may have been called the living room, but the REAL living was done in dens, family rooms and rec-rooms.

These spaces were perfect for slumber parties, watching TV or having friends over to listen to records.

gracious entertaining

In 1963, these appliances
were all you needed
to be the perfect hostess!

The miracle of the modern
plastics age...Tupperware!

Electric ranges were introduced
in the early 1900s. In the 1960s,
they were becoming more common,
although they never managed to
surpass the popularity of gas ranges.

in the kitchen

Sunbeam electric percolator

Fire King cassarole dish

Betty Crocker History
Fire King
Retro Renovation: 60s Kitchens
Vintage Appliances

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