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B-body Specs & Stats

B-body Specs & Stats

Welcome to the "Specs & Stats" page of The Impala Farm. Here you'll find info about 77-90 B-body cars pertaining to model number, RPO number, body type & seating, original price, weight and production totals. These statistics are provided by the Standard Catalog of American Cars 1976-1999 by James M. Flammang & Ron Kowalke. Should any of the info on these pages be in error, and you can prove it, please e-mail me with the proper figure, as I of course want this info to be accurate. I strongly suggest, however, to ANYONE that loves cars as much as I do to buy this book. I consider this to be the bible among car collectors as do many auto enthusiasts. What you see on these pages is maybe 10% of the valuable information contained within that wonderful Krause Publication. Check out the beautiful pics, too!

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As of 12-7-02 the Chevy Specs page has been to true HTML for immediate upload.

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