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My Babies

My Babies

OK, so here's what my obsession with and loss of Abigail started. Think of me what you will, I'm actually not DANGEROUSLY insane......

This is Anabelle, Vinny and Donor#2. I unfortunately had to feature Vinny in these pics because they're the best ones I have of him. Anabelle is a 1979 Impala Landau Aerocoupe, one of 3,247 made with that option. Vinny is a 1978 Impala Aerocoupe, cleverly disguised here as Abigail with Her 350 4-bolt police motor and nose.

I purchased Vinny in September of 94 with a dead 350 and no floors. He currently requires that His body be removed from the frame and the floors restored properly. I intend for Him to have a 454 or larger someday, then I may even race Him.

This is what He looks like right now, with no motor or tranny just resting in back of the Farm. I do want to put Him back on the road soon so I can test the '66 283SB Impala motor I have in Him.

This is Anabelle, my 1979 Impala Landau Aerocoupe, just after I pulled Her old, tired 305LG motor and trans. I purchased Her from a kindly old couple in Worcester, MA for a mere $425 in April of 96. Once again thanks to my friend Pete in Millville for allowing me to tie up His garage with this insanity! The big grey garage you see in these pics is His, and that's His driveway.

Back when these pics were taken I hadn't found & rented the Farm yet, where Anabelle is currently resting inside next to Talula. WHAT?! Whose Talula? Why here She is:

Talula is a 1984 Impala Sedan that I purchased in April of 98 for my Mom for Mother's Day. When I bought Her there was already a "rap" in Her little 229 V6 motor, so I knew it wasn't long for this world. I still bought Her because with only 86k on the odometer She's in the best shape of all the cars at the Farm. She currently rests motorless inside the Farm next to Anabelle.

This is Jezebel, my 1985 Caprice Classic Sport Coupe. This is how She looked shortly after I purchased Her in summer of 98. She has a rare 305L82 HO motor, and as near as I can tell it's the original. Little things like no exhaust manifold gaskets. Do NOT let Her size fool you, She is QUICK!

And this is what She looks like currently. At 180k miles Her doors are literally falling off. There's a couple small holes forming in the floors & trunk, and I replaced the entire nose due to fender rot. I also wanted to update Her to the 89 header panel for the easier modified headlights. Whoever had Her before me had a LOUSY clearcoat job done on Her, and it's been peeling since my purchase. I know She doesn't look it, but many important things have already been replaced NEW; gas tank, ALL fuel & brake lines, ALL brakes, and line locks have been installed. As soon as I'm done with Bessie, Jezebel will be seeing a LOT more attention. Oh yeah, BESSIE!......

This is Bessie, my 1982 Impala Wagon.

I bought Her in February 99 for $750 equipped with new tires, brakes & exhaust. She is one of the "last year" cars I want, 82 being the last year of production for the Impala wagon. She is currently in The Bay getting some much needed restification. When She is ready to accept it I have a freshly rebuilt 305 motor with a few aftermarket goodies installed and a fresh 700-R4 trans to test in Her. This motor & tranny combo are actually for Talula, but I need Bessie more right now, She's my workhorse. Her original dead, sludged motor and dead 200-4R tranny are long gone.

So that's all of them right now, at least until I find more! I'll have to find a larger, more permanent home for the Farm before I could possibly have ALL the cars I want. The links below will take you to each car's own personal page, and each will be added to as time goes on. I would like my good friends Pete & Robin of Millville to click on Talula for a sincere and personal Thank You!

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