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The One That Started It All - Abigail

Well, here She is. The main reason for my unhealthy obsession with these cars. She was a 77 Caprice Classic Landau Aerocoupe. I named Her Abigail after the King Diamond album of the same name due to Her build date (7-77) and Her interesting personality. Her first owner, as luck would have it, was a police officer who ordered Her with the police issue 350 motor and heavy duty suspension. I paid $700 for Her, and unfortunately learned that 7 is my UNlucky number. She burned on me in 1993 on, you guessed it, the seventh day of July! No, I'm not making any of this up. I saved Her motor and nose, everything else was cooked.

I REALLY miss this car!

Here also is a picture of Abby at the entrance to the Peppercorn Hill trails in Upton, MA where I like to go hiking.

She was just about the finest car I've ever had!

She was quick, too!

I hope to find another perfect 77 Landau Caprice Aerocoupe someday that's as close to Abby's original build date as possible. You may ask, "but I thought seven was an unlucky number for you?" That's OK, I carry a BIG fire extinguisher in ALL my cars now. I want to completely rebuild the motor that's inherited the name, top Her with a twin turbo, and install Her right into a 77 Landau again where She belongs.