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The New Hoppie News
In order to conserve space Hoppie News will be presented in a mostly text format.

No. 23, 2002

Last years storm season seems to be repeating itself. The skies have once again

Been darkened by the onslaught of rain. The final stage of the topographical map is

beginning. There is no more research needed. Now all there is left is work.


Nov. 3, 2002

The Techuelife Island geographic survey is under way and will be introducing
the first version of the map in about 1-2 weeks. This version only shows where everyone's land is located,
but the next will show land features.  My Techuelife Island Slideshows are available now in a zip file.
(TI: 5 is under restrictions from me because of  story line incidents that have not yet been introduced
to the general public by Thyme.)