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Sahaja Yoga's presence in the "NGO Forum on Women",
Hairou County, Outskirt of Beijing,

[ right before Shri Mataji's arrival in downtown Beijing ]

(1995/8/30-9/8 北京市郊懷柔縣)

[ Bilingual Text, "Standard Chinese" Characters in Big-5 codes ]



"...for spirituality, China is a fertile land..."


Culture exchange with volunteer officials and mainland participants.

Part of the Sahaja Yoga HK delegation, with support from other collectives.
[ Alex arrived to join us. Later more hk yogis came to support as a week after the NGO Forum, Shri Mataji was going to deliver a speech in the
UN World Conference on Women as a keynote speaker (downtown Beijing ]





Our booth attracted lots of seekers from the mainland.

On the last day, as lots of participants has retreated, we thus reset our base in one of the largest empty tent.

Things are so spontaneous, we just enjoy the sharing of our love with our new acquiantance. It was quite an inspiring experience.