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Helen Reddy is an accomplished singer and songwriter who has achieved numerous #1 hits throughout the 1970s, the most notable of which remains undoubtedly her self-penned "I am woman". Between 1970 and 1980, Helen released 14 successful albums on the Capitol Records label. In 1987, Capitol released a "Greatest Hits and More" CD. While this CD compilation was appreciated, loyal fans adore Helen's lesser-known works and would love to have a chance to listen to this great music once more on CD.

This grassroots movement aims to make Capitol's current President and CEO, Mr. Ken Berry, aware that there remains a faithful and large market which would appreciate and purchase any re-released CDs of Helen's Capitol recordings.

Here is a list of the 13 albums that should be considered for re-release:

-Helen Reddy, 1970
-I don't know how to love him, 1970
-I am woman, 1972
-Long Hard Climb, 1973
-Love song for Jeffrey, 1974
-Free and Easy, 1974
-Ain't no way to treat a lady, 1975
-Music, Music, 1976
-Ear Candy, 1977
-We'll sing in the sunshine, 1978
-Live in London, 1978
-Pete's Dragon Soundtrack, 1978
-Reddy, 1979
-Take what you find, 1980

Helen's Greatest Hits album, 1975, was re-released on audio CD in 1987.

In response to some mail we have received, we should mention that while the "Pete's Dragon" soundtrack does not appear on the actual petition form, it was an oversight on our part and we will make sure we add it to the final petition that we forward to Capitol. Thanks to Nick for pointing this out.

We have organized an online petition in order to gather as many signatures as possible before forwarding the petition to Mr. Berry. You can view and sign it at For those who know people who would be interested in signing the petition but are not online, please ask them to send us a note with their name, city of residence and country to the following address:

HR Coalition
14 Connaught Avenue
Toronto, ON
M4L 2V9

Both the online petition and the names received by mail will be forwarded by snail mail to Mr. Berry on September 1, 2003. This gives us approximately a year and a half to gather as many names as possible.

days until we send off the petition to Capitol! Sign today!

As with any similar effort, it is important to "spread the word" and make the petition known as widely as possible. To this end, we encourage you to take one of the banners and/or buttons below and put it on your Helen-related site or on any site at all.

While this petition in no way guarantees that Capitol will agree to re-release Helen's albums, our hope is that Capitol will lend an ear to the request of Helen's large and faithful fan base.

Please forward any questions to us by clicking here.

Thank you!