Tree chopping
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Chopping Trees and other things


While the convenience of RCT's automatic tree removal is undeniable, for some reason CS did the following:

1. Trees knocked down "by hand" (bulldozer) cost $10 or $15 to remove, depending on the tree size.

2. Trees knocked down automatically when a pre-build ride is placed, or when laying track cost $50 or $75 to knock down, depending on the tree size.

The same idea applies to bushes and gardens:

1. Manual removal is $5.
2. Removal via ride-building costs $25.

However, CS screwed up this "enhancement" to the game in dealing with scenery. An example using a mining theme "barrel" object:

1. Cost to place the object is $4.
2. Removing the object manually yields $3 (you get most of your money back).
3. Removing the object via automatic ride placement yields $15, for a net gain of (15 - 4) = $11 per barrel.

Therefore, if you placed 16 barrels in a 2x2 grid, and built a spiral slide over it, the cost of the slide is reduced from its normal $330 to $90, and your net cost is $90 + (16 x $4) = $154.

Variable pricing for scenery removal is a poor game feature IMO. Why penalize the player for using a convenient feature? CS is telling us that it's superior gameplay to remove these by hand; we should all worship at the altar of tedium.

He should just take out the variable pricing feature entirely IMO.