Mini Golf Track Pack Index
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Mini Golf Track Pack Index

Here are a dozen themed Mini Golf courses for your peeps' entertainment. All of them have been tested, and none has the "I want to get off..." problem. A maximum of one theming group is used per course.

Another important feature: I believe you will find that these rides are just about crash-proof. :)

The courses are listed in ascending price order. At the high end of the price range, theming is more than required for typical scenario play; those courses are primarily decorative. The low and middle range priced courses are solid scenario choices.

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Course Ex Holes Footprint Price Highlights
Backwoods Mini Golf3.67 9 8 x 10 1,784 View
Giant Garden Mini Golf3.67 9 7 x 13 1,929 View
Roman Mini Golf3.77 10 7 x 11 2,006 View
Pirate Mini Golf3.75 10 7 x 11 2,079 View
Wonderland Mini Golf3.70 9 7 x 10 2,153 View
Parkside Mini Golf 3.65 10 7 x 11 2,255 View
Wild West Mini Golf 3.70 10 9 x 12 2,353 View
Abstract Mini Golf3.63 10 7 x 11 2,404 View
Jungle Mini Golf3.83 11 10 x 10 2,565 View
Pagoda Mini Golf3.81 11 9 x 13 2,696 View
Candied Mini Golf 3.83 10 6 x 14 3,188 View
Sunset Mini Golf3.96 9 9 x 12 3,221 View

Backwoods Mini Golf

Giant Garden Mini Golf

Roman Mini Golf

Pirate Mini Golf

Wonderland Mini Golf

Parkside Mini Golf

Wild West Mini Golf

Abstract Mini Golf

Jungle Mini Golf

Pagoda Mini Golf

Candied Mini Golf

Sunset Mini Golf