Track Pack 5 - EX Conversions
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Track Pack Five - EX Conversions


There are some nice coasters included in the standard library that can, with just a bit of work, be converted for use in an "EX" (high-intensity) park. These coasters are almost identical in appearance to the originals, but have been "upsized". The tracks have the same name as the original, plus "EX". Driftwood's conversion, for example, is "Driftwood EX." This convention gave me the opportunity to name a coaster (drum roll, please) "X EX."

To boost the intensity, I built higher lift hills and longer drops to increase speed. In most cases there have been small additions of track.

I attempted to maximize the profit potential of these designs. Where required, I increased the station length to accomodate longer trains, added additional blocking sections to allow additional trains, and added on-ride photos.

Listed below are the stats on both the originals and the conversions, including the number of cars per train, and the number of trains.

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Type Original Converted
Name Cars/Trains Ex/In/Na Photo Cars/Trains Ex/In/Na Photo
5/2 6.64/8.50/4.99 No 6/3 6.73/8.81/5.16 Yes
Black Widow
7/2 6.94/8.25/4.63 No 12/3 7.52/8.85/5.11 Yes
6/2 6.31/7.66/4.50 No 6/2 6.66/8.73/4.98 Yes
7/2 6.22/8.33/7.57 No 7/2 6.32/8.98/7.85 Yes

Foreground: The original Black Widow

Background: Black Widow EX

You can see that Black Widow EX has longer trains, a longer station, and a bigger lift hill. The hill is in three stages, each a blocking section. This permits smooth operation with an additional train. Also visible is the on-ride photo. Hidden from view is EX's water splash track, which brakes the trains before the final turn. Overall, the coaster is bigger.

Bigger, more exciting, more intense. That's what it's all about.