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Track Pack Four - EXX - The "Extra Large" Pack

This supplemental track pack of "EX" extreme coasters consists of "Extra Large," possibly even "Excessive" coasters. They were first built for the Extreme Heights scenario.

The goal in Extreme Heights is 4,500 peeps. The park is very large, and money is not used. With such a large park, it seemed prudent to have a number of large coasters that offered long - about 3 minute - rides. These rides kept the guests off the paths for the period they were in the queue and on the coaster, preventing overcrowding. Also, when it rained, it took longer for all the guests to finish their ride and stampede around in the rain.

The concept worked reasonably well. Some of the coasters originally were intended to handle 200+ riders. Even with 4,500 guests, I could not generate enough foot traffic in front of any ride to "sell out" a coaster of this capacity given the large number of attractions in the park. Removing one train from these coasters provided a better balance between "supply" and "demand." This is the train configuration found here.

Are these coasters suitable for other scenarios? My answer is a qualified "yes." Money management is an issue at the start of many scenarios. Once a park is running, particularly pay-per-ride parks with cash machines, large amounts of cash start flowing, and the player has more freedom. I had one scenario where monthly revenue exceeded $45,000. At that point, I could build anything I desired. Be cautious at the beginning of the scenario - build a greater number of smaller rides in preference to a few large ones. Once the money is coming as fast (or faster!) than you can spend it, then these coasters are reasonable choices.

On the whole, the "footprint" of these coasters is considerably less than you would expect from coasters with as much track as these. I have found that coasters with minimal space requirements are easier to build, and more suitable for re-use. The net result is that many of these coasters have a "spaghetti" look. Whether or not they were aesthetically pleasing was not a design consideration. Personally, I like the look, but truthfully, that did not factor into their construction.

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Ride Name Ex/In/Na Price Highlights
Compact Inverted EXX 7.01/9.00/7.28 25,400 View
Corkscrew EXX 6.82/9.08/4.22 23,509 View
Giga Coaster EXX 7.96/8.94/5.80 34,942 View
Hypercoaster EXX 7.35/9.05/5.11 25,950 View
Hyper-Twister EXX 7.32/8.85/5.27 20,681 View
Looping EXX 6.72/9.21/4.88 17,044 View
Multi-Dimension EXX 6.85/8.79/8.08 26,441 View