The "Ghost Busters" Track Pack
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The "Ghostbusters" Track Pack

By Fossil

There's something strange
In the neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

-Ghostbusters Theme Song

"Back off man. I'm a scientist."
-Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray)

Thanks, Peter. There's so much stuff in this track pack that it's almost scary. Eighteen rides in all. Almost all the theming groups are represented.

The Ghost Train is an unusual gentle ride - if designed incorrectly, it will crash. Taking large turns in excess of 20 mph could turn your peeps into ghosts!

Like most gentle rides, the longer the ride, the higher the excitement rating. Unlike others, adding drops will provide an excitement boost. Since drops increase the speed of the ride, decreasing the ride time, it's a good idea to add brakes or a hill soon after a drop.

Building curved tracks over paths will provide an excitement boost. Most of the rides in this track pack are designed so that track is positioned above the path adjacent to the ride. The first six rides all have this feature.

A spinning tunnel is a "must have" for a Ghost Train. It adds 0.09 to the excitement rating for first tunnel. Additional tunnels are optional, as they do not change the rating.

If you are interested in advanced study in art of Ghostbusting, check out  Or simply remember that, "If the ionization rate is constant for all ectoplasmic entities, we can really bust some heads .. in a spiritual sense of course" (Dr. Raymond Stantz, played by Dan Aykroyd).

Download Ghostbuster Track Pack

Ride Ex Ride Time Footprint Price Highlights
Gold Dust Ghost3.89 1:18 11 x 8 2,143 View
The Mummy's Ghost3.90 1:34 15 x 7 2,312 View
Whoodo Voodo3.81 1:31 11 x 7 2,380 View
Davy Jones Locker 3.84 1:28 11 x 7 2,380 View
Great Ceasar's Ghost3.84 1:22 17 x 4 2,499 View
Creepy Ghost 3.90 1:48 16 x 7 2,860 View
Martian Ghost Adventure3.94 1:31 14 x 9 2,971 View
Abstract Ghost3.80 1:18 12 x 7 3,002 View
Wonderland Ghost4.39 1:44 10 x 8 3,039 View
Ghost of the Final Frontier3.72 1:19 8 x 8 3,050 View
Giant Garden Ghost3.75 1:24 11 x 9 3,081 View
The Great Oni3.93 1:36 12 x 6 3,102 View
Mech Ghost4.06 1:34 10 x 8 3,106 View
Spooky Ghost4.13 1:58 16 x 8 3,113 View
Casa del Ghost3.95 1:22 23 x 2 3,370 View
Water Spirit4.17 1:45 13 x 6 3,426 View
Candied Ghost3.86 1:27 16 x 8 3,503 View
Davy Jones Penthouse4.42 1:10/1:16 14 x13 5,257 View

Gold Dust Ghost

The Mummy's Ghost

Whoodo Voodo

Davy Jones Locker

Great Ceasar's Ghost

Note that Great Ceasar's Ghost can be built as a racer.

Creepy Ghost

Martian Ghost Adventure

Abstract Ghost

Wonderland Ghost

Ghost of the Final Frontier

The main feature of Ghost of the Final Frontier is that it is an indoor ride. It costs a bit to enclose most of the ride. The track design is built in layers to keep the scenery cost reasonable. The paths are built in the courtyard formed by the ride's building.

Giant Garden Ghost

The Great Oni

The Great Oni is considered an indoor ride because most of its track is under a roof. This means that peeps will ride it while its raining. The Oni (oh-knee) is a supernatural being of Japanese mythology. A page devoted to them is The Oni Exchange Museum.

Mech Ghost

Spooky Ghost

Casa del Ghost

Casa del Ghost is only two tiles wide. The design is delivered without paths. The long, narrow footprint allows placement in unusual, cramped situations. Only standard scenery objects are used. Build the end over a path for an excitement boost.

Water Spirit

I tried building Water Spirit directly on water in a game. The bushes looked a bit odd - although the duck-shaped plants "worked". Overall, the water theming and coloring turned this ghost train into a pleasing water ride.

Candied Ghost

Yes, this one is expensive. The candy theming is pricey, and a dozen doors boost the cost further.

Davy Jones Penthouse

Davy Jones Penthouse is a "top of the line" ghost train. It is a self-racing (mobius) ride, and offers pirate theming for your peeps' entertainment. After the ride has been running long enough to distribute cars around the track, click on "synchronize with adjacent station" for an excitement boost.