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Now that you have compiled all of the necessary components for your “year end bonus company vacation”, it is time to present the information to your employees (the class will play this role.)

Ž       You will compile a Power Point Presentation consisting of no less than 10 slides and no more than 15 slides.

Ž       The slides will be broken down as follows.

1.      Introduction: company name, logo, and vacation destination (include picture).

2.      Criteria for salespeople to win the vacation for themselves and their families (spouses).  You may want to create a sales chart in Excel; don’t forget to tell us what product your company sells.

3.      Airline information (include picture and information that you researched.)

4.      Hotel information (include picture of hotel and amenities.)

5.      Car Rental (include picture and information that you researched.)

6.      Tourist Attraction #1 (picture and information.)

7.      Tourist Attraction #2 (picture and information.)

8.      Tourist Attraction #3 (picture and information.)

9.      Tourist Attraction #4 (picture and information.)

10.      Conclusion slide (wish your employees “good luck” with their sales and the competition.)