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·          Choose a company: it may be real or fictional. 

·          Create a company logo (if using a fictional company), or retrieve a copy of the company’s logo from its web site (if using a real company.)

·          Briefly describe what products/services the company sells.

·          Set the criteria for the amount of sales necessary for each salesperson to be eligible to win the company vacation.  You may want the amount of sales to vary according to geographical region or city that each salesperson is assigned. 

Ž       For example:  If your company sells computers, you may require salespeople in major cities such as NY or LA to sell $2 million of computers; whereas salespeople in rural areas or smaller cities such as Buffalo or Pittsburgh may only need to sell $750,000 of computers in order to be awarded the vacation.

Ž       You must also keep in mind the product type and corresponding geographical area.  For example, if you sell surfboards, your sales will always remain strong in California where the climate remains warm.  However, on the east coast, sales will drop off in the fall and winter months.