Unit VI - World War I and the Age of Anxiety

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Unit Schedule

Date Due
Key Concepts to Master
  • the basic strategies and nature of trench warfare
  • the key ways that the conflict spread around the globe (the Mediterranean and the Middle East)
  • the war at sea and the use of U-boats and blockades
  • the impact of the war on the homefront, esp. the use of propaganda and the ways that the governments prepared for war
Prepare for the Trench Warfare simulation
  • the key causes of revolution in Russia
  • the beliefs/values of Lenin and the Bolsheviks and the methods they used to seize power in Russia
  • the key events and outcomes of the Russian Civil War
  • the ways in which the Russian Revolution impacted the final year of the war and its outcome
  • the different motives that each key participant had coming in to the WWI peace process
  • the main conditions of the treaty of Versailles
  • the reasons behind the fall of the Manchu Dynasty in China
  • the rise to power of Sun Yat-Sen
  • the causes of Civil war in China and the outcomes of that war
  • the ways that these changes impacted Chinese society and daily life
  • the reasons for and key components of the Meiji Restoration
  • changes in Japanese society and culture as a result of the Restoration
  • Japan's early attempts at imperialism and democracy
Unit Test

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Possible Test Essays

How did nationalism, imperialism, and industrialism all contribute to the horror that was World War I?
How did the entrance of the United States impact the outcome of WWI?  How did the peace process and the Treaty of Versailles set Europe up for future trouble?
Compare and contrast the French Revolution of 1789 with the Russian Revolution of 1917-1920.  How did the Russian Revolution alter the course of WWI?
Discuss the ways that western influence impacted society and culture in China and Japan between 1850 and 1920.

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