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The Format of the Test:

Unit Review Pages Created by Your Peers

The following pages were created by your classmates to help you review for the final exam.  Please note that not all of the pages are linked yet due to what I'll refer to as file name issues.

World War I

Megan Ellicott & Krystal Kite Kirsten Ebsen & Shelia Henson Whitney Enston & Alyson Fletcher
Bryan Dempster & Corey Gosser Alissa Antman & Karla Avila Matt Furnivall & Nick Engel
Caitlin Wiman & Shanna Welles Emily Enright & Heather Purcell David Feiner & Andrew Seinfeld
Kara Angel & Lindsay Milstead Stephanie Hengst & Julia Clark Kyle Jester & Matt Lafleur
Ashley Olson & Juliette Zimmerman
Ryan Goodnight & Josh Samuel Allison Domicone & Ariel Quiros

Age of Anxiety

Bobbie Kennamer & Liz Lucanish
Justin Johnson & Jon Chapetta
Ashley Randall & Katie Wise
Charlie Bekeny & Chris Owens
Dylan Riley & Alex Jacobitz
Kyle Lane & Marcus Luna
Lindsay Penn & Chelsea Cody
Jacob Black & Justin Elie
Cindy Cheng & Tasha Thiessen
William Ho & Bob Barajas Sylvia Gago & Kristen Hoover  

World War II

Adam Ely & Brad Schermer
Ashley Maksic & Vanessa Delgado
Sarah Johny & Jeni Zissou
Chris Spencer & Daniel Zhang
Adam Scott & Matt Zeug
Jenni Pace & Tricia Blaine
Jackie Wolf & Tristan Higgason
Melissa Smith & Chad Acerboni
Adri Orsinger & Christen Santschi
Chris Adams & Ian Speidel
Summer Larson & Lauren Brien
Justin Thompson & Brent Blair
Dana Solomon & Oscar Escobar
Rainy Grandpre & Hiral Thakrar
Travis Jeter & Chris Holman
Nick Rodelander & Mike Lewis Chris Kale & Andrew Houston Zack Vogel & Christian Gugas

Cold War

Tracy Louk & Jenna Kwiatkowski
Paul Hedgcock & JT McLaughlin
Tony Irwin & Anna Zehnder
Shaun Avnet & Tasha van Dixhorn
Adam Muraoka, Mike Smith, & Jared Bergenstahl
Blake Toland & Harmoni Adkins
Matt Wendland & Travis Harmon
Kyle Maxwell-Doherty & Erin Brooks
Jeneveive Anglin & Melissa Dawson
Jessie Bortel & Jeni Champion Richard Molina & Drew Foster Joe Bowers & David Henwood

Big Picture Review Questions

These are great questions to discuss with a study group - they're sure to help in preparation for the essays.

  1. How did imperialistic ambitions and rivalries combine with industrialism to lead to the horrors of WWI?
  2. How did problems left over from the peace settlement at Versailles lead to a period of turmoil that culminates in WWII?
  3. How did leaders like Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler take advantage of the turmoil of their times in their rise to power?
  4. How did WWII become a truly global conflict?  Discuss the ways it impacted the lives of combatants and non-combatants alike.
  5. How did issues left over between the Allies at the end of WWII spill over into the Cold War?  Describe the events that happened between 1945-1952 that occurred as an immediate result of these differences.
  6. Discuss the major events of the Cold War between 1955-1989.  How did tensions between the U.S. and the USSR affect the rest of the world during this time?
  7. Describe the balance of power between the superpowers and the emerging nations during the last 30 years.  What are the major challenges that are facing third world nations as they struggle to achieve true independence?

Unit Review Games

PowerPoint Version Text Only Version
World War I World War I
Age of Anxiety Age of Anxiety
World War II World War II
Cold War Cold War
Modern World Modern World

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