Now You’re President – What do you do?

Presentation Guidelines         What You Will Turn In

What Should the President Do?
Building Your Survey
Writing Good Questions
You will then collect your survey data, and compile it using Microsoft Excel.  Once you've compiled it you will start creating yopur presentation.

Your PPT Presentation:
Your Inaugural Address:

Sample Inaugural Addresses:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933) - Just as he was about to launch the New Deal
John Kennedy (1961) - Introducing his vision for the New Frontier
Ronald Reagan (1981) - Right at the start of the "Reagan Revolution"
A full list of all the inaugural addresses can be found here

What you will turn in:
  1. The research you did to help you write good survey questions
  2. The specific questions you wrote
  3. The surveys you conducted
  4. Your Excel spreadsheet (saved on school computers)
  5. Your PPT presentation (saved on school computers)
  6. A typed final draft of your inaugural address