Major Working Class Political and Economic Movements:

  1. Socialists - Want to reform society
    1. Early (utopian) socialists
    2. Marxists
    3. Revisionists
    4. Major Socialist Political Parties

  2. Chartists & Other Political Groups - Working to gain political power for the working class
    1. Working class participation in the French Rev
    2. Turmoil of the early 1800’s
    3. Chartism
    4. Revolutions of 1848
    5. Turn to political respectability in the places they can get it (GB, Germany

  3. Labor Unions - Working to improve wages and working conditions
    1. Medieval Guilds
    2. Napoleonic Code and Liberal Opposition
    3. Early Industrial Unions & Government Opposition

  4. Fringe Groups - Opposing industrialism and any form of government control
    1. Luddites
    2. Anarchists

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