World History Video Review Projects


The following projects are designed to give you a second chance to work with the information from each unit. Please pay close attention to the requirements, as the grading of these projects will be closely tied to the requirements.

·        The goal of your video is to effectively convey a clear understanding of the 8-10 most important historical concepts (not facts) from the units you have been assigned

·        The absolute maximum length of your video is five minutes

·        Videos should be cleanly edited and be without sound or lighting problems (we should be able to both hear and see you!)

·        A typed copy to the script must be turned in with your video, the list of the important historical concepts you are trying to convey should be placed at the top of your script

·        A little enthusiasm and creativity never hurt anyone who was trying to make a quality video


Steps in the process:

1.      List the 8-10 most important historical concepts from the topics you have been assigned (11/21)

2.      Choose the project format from the list below that will be most effective in conveying the important concepts (11/27)

3.      Brainstorm a list of characters and scene possibilities (12/4)

4.      Write a rough draft of the script, and do a rough run through to figure out timing and blocking (12/13)

5.      Polish the script and start rehearsing

6.      Film and edit your final project (12/21)


Panel Discussion With Key Figures

You will create and produce an interview segment (Phil Donahue/Oprah style) with the three to four people your group feels are most critical to the units that are assigned (you may have time to complete 2 separate shorter segments).  This is a great way to show contrasting ideas / contributions of thinkers / theologians / rulers / etc..  Asking the right questions and having a lot of interaction between the figures is the key to allowing the historical figures to tell their story and reflect on their roles in the history.


Re-Enactment Of A Significant Event(s)

Your group must first decide on a significant event(s) from the unit to re-enact, and then produce a video or skit that clearly demonstrates both what transpired and why the event(s) was/were so significant.  Make sure to include all of the key players, even if you need some people to double up on characters or bring in additional actors.  Comedy and satire are encouraged where appropriate.


Predicting The Future

This project requires that you look forward to “predict” the major events that will happen as a result of the major events in the units you have covered.  In this format you will demonstrate clear connections between major events in the units you were assigned and major events in the units that came later in the year (i.e. Martin Lutherè30 Years War, Wars of Louis XIVèFrench Revolution).  Fortune telling, “Newscast of the Future”, and “flashing forward” are examples of formats you may want to consider.


A time log must be included for each member of the group!  Please use this format for your log:


Clock Time (# hours)


End Product


2:45-3:15 (.5)


4 concrete script ideas