Unit IV- World War I and the 1920's
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Key Concepts to Master
Work on in-class projects (Newscast and trench warfare)
  • the forces behind the booming consumer economy of the early 1920's
  • the ways in which the automobile industry was a reflection of the changing consumer economy
  • the development of mass media in the 1920's and the ways it impacted popular culture
  • the ways in which jazz and the literature of the "lost generation" both reflected and impacted American culture
  • the various sets of values and influences that came in to conflict in the 1920's over issues like prohibition, the role of religion in society, and race relations
Unit Test

Helpful Links and Online Assignment

Your assignment for this unit is very straightforward.  Visit five of the sites linked below and thoroughly examine the content of the site.  For each site you visit you need to write a paragraph describing the specific ways that the content of site strengthened your understanding of this unit.  In other words, you will visit five sites and write a paragraph for each one, making a total of five paragraphs. Make sure your online assignment is submitted no later than Wednesday, December 19th.
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World War I Image Gallery
World War I Document Archive
A Collection of WWI Links
WWI: Trenches on the Web
World War I Propaganda
The Billy Bishop Story
 Collection of  Political Cartoons of the Era
 The Roaring Twenties
Twenties Era Movie Theaters
Sacco & Vanzetti
Al Capone
The Red Scare
The History of the ACLU
The Scopes Trial
Crushing the Wobblies at Centralia

Possible Test Essays

Evaluate the role the United States played throughout the course of WWI.  How did it's role change over the course of the war, especially as we got involved in the actual fighting?
A Tale of Two Cities starts with the quote "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times".  Evaluate the use of this quote as a way to describe life in America during the 1920s.
Discuss the clash between urban and rural America that occurred during the 1920's.  What did this clash demonstrate about the changing character of our nation?

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