Primary Source Collections for U.S. History
We believe that you will find the following collections of primary source documents and first-hand accounts extremely helpful in researching your assigned topics.  However, you should not limit yourself to the resources listed here.  If you come across a quality collection of primary sources that is not yet listed here, you can submit it by clicking here.  Thanks for your help and good luck with you research.
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Great Depression
World War II
Early Cold War
Civil Rights Movement
Vietnam/Cultural Revolution
Watergate (Nixon/Ford)
Winning the Cold War
General Links

Great Depression
We Made Do, Recalling the Great Depression Documenting America: Collection of Depression Era Photos
WPA Life Histories from Massachusetts The New Deal Network
Great Depression Museum in Michigan Archival Resources on the Great Depression
Life Histories Collection at American Memory Workers and the Great Depression
World War II
World War II Oral History Project at Rutgers The Drop Zone
Skylighters - The story of a batallion in Europe What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?
Tank Books Huge Collection of WWII Links
WWII and the Human Experience Center for Story Preservation on WWII
The Cold War
American Foreign Policy Documents Interview With Averill Harriman
Recollections from a Missile Silo Interviews With Many Cold War Scientists
John Dulles Oral History Project
Civil Rights Movement
Accounts of Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography
Accounts from Central High School in Little Rock Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Voices of the Civil Rights Era
The Vietnam War & Cultural Revolution
Personal Accounts of Vietnam Vietnam - Stories Since the War
Vietnam War Related Documents The Whole World Was Watching- Recollections of 1968
The Woman's Experience in Vietnam Vietnam War Declassification Project
The Psychedelic Sixties Woodstock
PBS' Vietnam Battlefield Site Women's Liberation Documents
PBS' Rock & Roll Site
Watergate (Nixon & Ford)
Nixon's Resignation Speech Great Background Page on Watergate
Ford's Cabinet Meeting Minutes Watergate Documents at the National Archives
CNN's Watergate Site Nixon's Public Papers
Winning the Cold War (Reagan & Bush)
Reagan Foreign Policy Documents Public Papers of Ronald Reagan
Iran Contra Documents Reagan and the Soviets
Reagan & Andropov as "Men of the Year" A List of "Space Defense" Links
Bush's Inaugural & State of The Union Addresses Bush's Public Papers at his Library
General Links (may be helpful for all topics)
Presidential Debate Transcripts Great Speeches Archives
Huge Collection of Documents for all U.S. History