United States History
   at Thousand Oaks High School
This yearlong course on the history of our nation from colonial times to the present is designed to familiarize you with the society in which you live.  Daily assignments, lecture outlines, possible essay questions and other helpful review activities can be found in the Unit Pages that will be linked on the right as we go through the year together.
Units of Study
Colonial America, Revolution and Expansion
The Civil War, Reconstruction & the West
Industrialism, Immigration and Progressivism
WWI and the Twenties
The Great Depression
World War II
The Cold War & the 1950's
Civil Rights Movement
Vietnam & the 1960's
Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan & Bush
 Primary Sources for the Project
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Class Grades
Hypertext American History
An amazing compilation of articles, essays, and primary sources that span 500 years of United States History.

America: Pathways to the Present
This is the website designed by your publisher to support your textbook.  It contains many helpful review activities and additional research resources.

Online Exhibit Hall at the National Archives
An remarkable collection of  documents, art work, and photographs from our nation's history.

All kinds of historical information from the light hearted to the serious.

Their motto says it all - "This is where history lives on the web!"  A great site for research or just as a place to check out articles on topics of personal interest.

Recent events have drawn attention to the constant need to help those in difficult situations.  Here are some of my favorite places to go and help: 
Hunger: The Hungersite, Bread for the World   Donate Blood: Red Cross
Disaster Relief: CARE