Unit III: Progressivism, Imperialism and World War I

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Key Concepts
This unit essentially covers four chapters in your book (8, 9, 10 & 11).  Here are some of the key concepts for each chapter


Key Concepts

Chapter Eight
pp. 276-299

  • the emergence of important new technologies and the role they played in shaping city life in the U.S.
  • the expansion of public education and higher education in the United States
  • The problems with segregation and racial discrimination throughout the U.S. in the late 1800s
  • the dawn of mass culture, including sports, movies, the media, etc.

Chapter Nine
pp. 306-337

  • the basic goals and causes of the larger progressive movement
  • the role of the muckrakers
  • the wide variety of progressive causes (racism, women's suffrage, temperance, political corruption, pools and trusts, pure food and drugs, etc.)
  • the key measures progressives took to try and resolve these issues
  • the wide variety of people who were important progressives (Florence Kelley, Teddy Roosevelt, WEB DuBois, Jane Addams, Bob LaFollette, Woodrow Wilson, etc.)

Chapter Ten
pp. 338-369

  • The reasons why some Americans pushed for imperialism (March of the Flag Speech) & the debate over imperialism
  • Growing U.S. involvement in the Pacific (Hawaii, China, etc.)
  • American involvement in China and the Open Door Policy
  • The ways in which the U.S. was involved in Latin America in the 1890's
  • The role of the Yellow Press in starting the Spanish American War
  • The course of the Spanish American War (causes, fighting, outcomes)
  • The development of the Panama Canal
  • Big Stick Diplomacy (Roosevelt Corollary), Dollar Diplomacy, and Moral Diplomacy

Chapter Eleven
pp. 370-407

  • The causes of WWI
  • The course of WWI in Europe prior to U.S. involvement (1914-1917)
  • style of combat and the impact of new weapons
  • The reasons why many Americans opposed U.S. involvement
  • The main reasons & events that finally  brought the U.S. into the war
  • The key aspects of U.S. involvement (what did we help accomplish?  How?)
  • How did the war come to an end?  What was President Wilson's plan for peace?
  • The steps the U.S. government took to finance the war effort, manage the economy, and enforce loyalty (these are key!)
  • The significant ways in which WWI changed our nation


Unit III Test

No Essay in 2011 Check the Review Games

The essay question is going to ask you to tie together two of the three big topics (Progressivism, Imperialism, & WWI) covered in this unit.  You need to pick the two you wish to focus on and describe each of them in a fair amount of detail.  Your final body paragraph should then describe the ways in which the two major topics are connected.  You might want to consider:

  • cause and effect relationships
  • ideas/beliefs that are started in one and spill over to the other
  • individuals and groups that played an important role in both topics
  • contradictions between the two