United States History
at Thousand Oaks High School with Dr. Swanson
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Course Outline (You need to review this with your parents by 8/31)

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Yearlong U.S. History Review:
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History Unit
  1. Colonial Era to Jackson
  2. Civil War, Western Settlement, Industrialization & Immigration
  3. Progressivism, Imperialism & WWI
  4.  The 1920's
  5. Great Depression
  6. World War II
  7. Early Cold War & the 1950's
  8. The Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, and the 1960's
  9. Nixon to Now!

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Class Grades:

Third or Fourth

Mr. Swanson

Websites of Interest

The TOHS Library, which has many research tools the school subscribes to for your benefit, especially EBSCO Host.  Improve your understanding and the quality of your work all while making your life a whole lot easier.

Shmoop's US History Study Guides, and the EBSCO Host History Research Center are both very valuable research and review tools.

The Thousand Oaks Public Library also has a number of valuable research tools which are available to all card holders.

The Americans: the official website for you textbook.  You can listen to the book online, take interactive quizzes, and do all sorts of other nifty stuff!

National Archives American Memory Collection: A huge collection of digital images and documents from the National Archives.  These can be extremely helpful with a variety of research projects.

The library association's lists of  books for teens and young adults. Includes categories such as "books for people who hate to read"

Ask Miss Grammar: a site to help answer questions you have about writing structure and style