Text of the Unit IV Review Game

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Name two reasons why the U.S. was interested in expanding it’s imperial power.
ports for naval ships and markets for manufactured goods (xianity?)
What did the Open Door Policy give us free reign to do?
force China to trade with us
What military action did the United States take to make sure this Policy stayed in place?
squashed the Boxer Rebellion
What “manufactured” event drew the U.S. into the Spanish American War?
the sinking of the Maine
In what two places did most of the fighting take place in the Spanish American War?
Cuba and the Philippines
**How did the construction of Panama Canal affect our relationship with Panama? How did the U.S. gain control of the land?
made Panama a territory, staged a revolution
What is the name for imperialism that is based on economic influence?
dollar diplomacy
Give an example of dollar diplomacy.
large loans make the other country dependent, setting up large corporations that dominate the local economy
Name the original U.S. policy designed to keep European nations from interfering in our hemisphere.
Monroe Doctrine
What was the point of the Roosevelt Corollary?
We will intervene when necessary in the western hemisphere
***List at least five places where the U.S. spread its influence between 1890-1916.
Mexico, Panama, Cuba, the Philippines, Hawaii, China, Puerto Rico
Why did Wilson send troops into Mexico in 1916?
to harass Pancho Villa, who was causing problems for the Mexican gov’t
**Name two factors that led to WWI.
Alliances, military build up (industrialism), tension in the Balkans, growing imperialism
What group of countries did the U.S. fight alongside in WWI?
the Allies (GB, France, Russia)
What group formed the opposition to the Allies during WWI?
Central Powers (Germany & A-H)
What was the purpose of the Selective Service Act?
help raise troops for the American Expeditionary Force (AEF)
What weapon did the Germans use to attack allied ships and the British blockade?
What two factors led to trench warfare?
old tactics combined with new weapons
**Name three of the conditions that made trench warfare so miserable.
rats, high casualty rates, disease, stagnant water & mud (trench foot), shellshock, etc.
Name two new weapons that were used extensively in trench warfare.
machine gun, poison gas, flamethrower, new high powered artillery
Name two other new weapons used for the first time in World War I.
submarine, tank, airplane
Name the two events that helped pull the U.S. into the WWI.
Lusitania (U-Boat Warfare) & Zimmerman Telegram
What was the primary contribution of the AEF toward Allied victory?
helped hold off last big German attack, helped with big allied counter-attack that led to German surrender
What was Wilson’s stated reason for entering WWI?
“Make the world safe for democracy.”
**Name 2 kinds of people who might have opposed U.S. involvement in WWI.
pacifists, socialists, German immigrants, Irish immigrants
What law prevented “disloyal utterances” and speaking out against the war?
Sedition Act
How did the Supreme Court rule on the Espionage and Sedition acts?
they were constitutional - exceptional measures are OK in war time
**Name 2 gov’t agencies designed to make efficient use of our resources during WWI.
WIB, WLB, Food Administration
What monetary instrument did the U.S. gov’t use to raise funds for WWI?
the Liberty Bond
Why was it only a matter of time before the U.S. was drawn into WWI?
we had become an imperial power, we were shipping war materials to Europe
What organization was responsible for producing U.S. propaganda during WWI?
Committee on Public Information (CPI)
What event allowed Germany to launch an all-out final offensive on the Western Front in 1918?
the Russian Revolution
**What was Wilson’s Plan for Peace called? Which part of it was most important to him?
14 Points, League of Nations
Name two key conditions of the Treaty of Versailles.
Germany responsible for WWI, pay big reparations, League of Nations
What cause led to Wilson’s demise at the end of his presidency?
Pushing for the U.S. to join the League of Nations