Rough Lecture Outlines for Unit II: Reformation to Enlightenment
These aren't complete folks but you may find it helpful to print them out and take your notes on top of them...
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Overview of Reformation

RC Church Corruption Reaction to Corruption: Martin Luther Lay it Down, Brother Martin: Luther on Tour (rockiní your berg) Zwingliís main grievances with RC: Calvinís Return New Church Structure & Moral Code Calvinís Biggies: Spread of Calvinism Other Sects (Anabaptists) Anabaptists English Reformation Background Reformation in England Edward VI (1547) Eng. Ref hits a snag Enter the "Virgin Queen" Counter Reformation Council of Trent (1545-1563) Other Positives of the CR The Down Side of the CR Prior to Copernicus Beliefs of Aristotle brought into agreement with Medieval Church Copernicus Brahe Kepler 3 Main Contributions: Galileo Newton Witch Hunts New Philosophy
Hobbes  Locke
  • absolutist 
  • man is basically evil (JC) 
  • motivated by pleasure & pain
  • no industry or productivity in natural state
  • need strong ruler to control & allow industry 
  • preferred whatever strong ruler was in power 
  • anarchy more dangerous than tyranny 
    • constitutional 
    • man is born a blank slate & shaped by experiences 
    • natural state is perfect freedom 
    • absolute monarchy is inconsistent with civil society 
    • govít must protect life, liberty, & property (natural rights); if not it should be overthrown 

    Enlightenment (18th Cent.)

    Causes of the Enlightenment Zee Philosophes The Encyclopedia Philosophes challenged church Deism Adam Smith: Voltaire vs. French policy Montesqeieu Rousseau: More Rousseau: Women: