Conformity Trials

Dress Code & Preparation:
Prepare to dress professionally.  This means coat and tie for male attorneys and professional skirt/blouse for female attorneys.  Witnesses should at least wear "Sunday/Go to Meetin'" clothes: shirt and tie for boys, dress and or nice pants outfit for girls.  Nobody should be wearing athletic socks or tennis/skate shoes.  Everybody should have their hair done neatly and all of their clothing tucked in.  Yes, gentlemen, this means your pants need to be up to your waist, which is located above your rear end.
It is perfectly acceptable to borrow clothing and maybe have to wear things that don't quite fit right as long as they are the right kind of clothes and you are wearing them respectfully.
Attorneys should be prepared with note cards and printouts.  Witnesses may not use any kind of notes, at all, ever.

Witness Statements:
1-2 paragraphs covering everything you are going to say in direct tetstimony.  You cannot discuss a topic in your direct testimony if it is not in your witness statement.  Your statement needs to cover everything to at least A and B Level Detail.
For Example:
A Level Detail: I had 3 classes with  the defendant in 10th grade.
B Level Detail: In those classes he frequently talked to  Person A about unAmerican topics X., Y, and Z.
C Level Detail: Specific quotes and things that were said by the defendant (this is the really juicy stuff you want to save for the trial)

Testimony Scripts:
This is literally a question and answer script guiding the witness through their direct examination.  Questions should be formatted so that the witness is providing the bulk of the information, not the attorney.  Each witness gets two minutes for direct testimony.  This is your only chance to testify, so you should use as much of this time as possible.  Practice your direct testimony over and over, this is key to coming off as a credible witness.

Cross Examination:
This is your chance to destroy the opposition's case by tearing apart their witnesses.  Ask questions that challenge their credibility, their version of the events, and so forth.  You should have prepared a list of questions ahead of time from their witness statements.  Add to that list as the trial goes on.  You only get 1 1/2 minutes, so go on the attack immediately.
Witnesses should prepare for cross examination by having someone on their team ask them all kinds of difficult questions in anticipation of what they will be asked on cross.

Opening and Closing Statements:
In your opening statement you want to try and lay the groundwork for what you are trying to prove, as well as seize the upper hand in the debate over what it means to be a good American.  Your opening should be all typed up and well reheased.  You have two minutes, you should try to use as much of it as possible.
Likewise, in your closing statement you want to reinforce the most important parts of the trial in the juries minds, as well as fire your parting shots in the debate over what it means to be a good American.  You should create an outline for your closing statement ahead of time.  You can modify your outline during the tirla as you see fit.  You will get a couple of minutes to huddle with your team and finalize your closing statement before you deliver it.  You will have 1 1/2 minutes to make your closing statement.