Conformity Trials

Dress Code:
Prepare to dress professionally.  This means coat and tie for male attorneys and professional skirt/blouse for female attorneys.  Witnesses should at least wear "Sunday/Go to Meetin'" clothes: shirt and tie for boys, dress and or nice pants outfit for girls.  Nobody should be wearing athletic socks or tennis shoes.  Everybody should have their hair done neatly and all of their clothing tucked in.  Yes, gentlemen, this means your pants need to be up to your waist.
It is perfectly acceptable to borrow clothing and maybe have to wear things that don't quite fit right as long as they are the right kind of clothes and you are wearing them respectfully.

Witness Statements:
1-2 paragraphs covering everything you are going to say in direct tetstimony.  You cannot say it in direct testimony if it is not in your witness statement.  Your statement needs to cover everything to at least A and B detail.
For Example:
A Detail: I had 3 classes with  the defendant in 10th grade.
B Detail: In those classes he frequently talked to  Person A about unAmerican topics X., Y, and Z.
C Detail: Specific quotes and things that were said by the defendant

Testimony Scripts