Team Historical Play

Basic Structure:

Steps in the Play Creation Process:
  1. Divide your major topic(s) into subtopics
  2. Assign your subtopics to scenes
  3. Research and brainstorm for each scene, then decide which family members and other characters you will need for each scene
  4. Write your scene scripts
  5. List the props and costumes you will need for each scene, assign individual group members to get costumes & props
  6. Rehearse and polish
  7. Rehearse and polish
  8. Rehearse and polish some more
  9. Present your part of the play to the class on Friday, April 25
List of Families:
Remember that each family must appear in your play at least once, and that all scenes must include at least one of the three families.
Family #1 (The Smythe Family) – New Money. always at the forefront of the economic and social trends.  Very conscientious of social status, rules, etiquette, etc.  They are an urban family living in high society.

Family #2 (The Johnson Family) – Rural, traditional American values.  Not overly concerned with social trends or social status.  Looking to raise a solid family who are upstanding members of their community. 

Family #3 (Whatever Name you Choose)– Recent immigrants.  This family is a traditional, hard working family looking to stake their claim in America, but they still have family back home who may or may not travel to the land of opportunity.  This is the most flexible family in terms of the characters and how they emerge throughout the play.