The Age of Revolutions!!!
(Agricultural, Industrial, French, American, Latin American....)

Unit Schedule

Date Due
Key Concepts
  • How agricultural and economic practices were changing to keep up with a growing population
  • The methods used by absolutist rulers in Prussia, Austria, and Russia to apply "enlightened ideas" to their nations, you should also understand their reasons for using these methods
10/16 and 10/17

Bring Your Book to Class!!!



  • the major causes of the French Revolution
  • the steps taken to destroy the power of the "Ancien Regime" in the early years of the revolution
  • important events and documents such as the March on Versailles and the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen
  • The reasons why the French Revolution changed from moderate to radical in 1792
  • The methods Napoleon used to gain power at the end of the French Revolution and ultimately build a French Empire
  • The European response to Napoleon and his defeat
10/28 Unit III Test

PPT Review  Text Review

Helpful Links
Our first online assignment will be for this unit!!!

Online Assignment (due 10/27):  Use at least six of the online resources listed below to help deepen your understanding of the American and French Revolutions.  For each site you visit you need to write a paragraph explaining the specfic ways the content of the site expanded your understanding of the topic.  A minimum of three of the six sites you visit must be primary source documents (indicated with the ** before and after the title). 
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The PBS American Revolution Site
The History Place - The American Revolution
Thomas Paine and **The Crisis**
A British view of the American Rev.
**Give Me Liberty or Give me Death!**
**The United States Bill of Rights**
**Declaration of the Rights of Man**
**Burke's Reflections on the Revolution**
**Robespierre on the Principals of Political Morality**
Chronology of the French Revolution
Excellent French Revolution Overview Site

Big Picture Review Questions

Identify the causes of the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions.  What were their long term implications as they continued.
Discuss the course and outcome of the American Revolution.  In what ways was it impacted by the Enlightenment?
Why did Revolution break out in France in 1789?  What major changes did it make in French life and politics.
How did Napoleon rise to power and eventually conquer mainlaind Europe?  What were the characteristics of his reign?
How were the "isms" of the early 1800's a direct response to Napoleon and the Enlightenment?

Possible Essay Topics

Compare and contrasting the French and American Revolutions.
Analyzing the forces behind the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions and describing their respective impacts on society.
Evaluating the impact of Napoleon's conquest of Europe and the spread of nationalism that accompanies it.