Unit III: Industrialism, Immigration and Progressivism

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Unit Schedule
Date Due Pages Key Concepts
11/4 419-422
  • the ways that industrialization changed working conditions for the American Worker
  • the changing role of work in the lives of families, especially as it related to women and children
11/9 423-428
  • Reasons for the rise of early labor unions
  • background on the early unions (Knights of Labor, AFL, etc.)
  • key details on the major strikes of this time period
11/12 473-477
  • the reasons why many cities grew rapidly in the late 1800's
  • the types of living conditions common in these growing cities
  • the political realities of these new cities


11/16 498-506
  • methods used to discriminate against blacks in the South after reconstruction
  • the ways in which blacks sought to resist these methods
  • the nature of the debate over political and economic equality for women in the late 1800's
  • the nature of work for women during this time, both in and out of the home
11/18 547-556
  • key progressive legislative accomplishments at both the federal and state levels
  • the various presidents who are considered "progressive" and the key accomplishments of each
11/22 Unit III Test

Essay Topic: Was all of the change taking place in the U.S. at this time a good or bad thing?  Remember to go back to Jefferson/Hamilton.