Public Policy and Political Systems

Unit Schedule

Date Due Pages Key Concepts
12/17 575-583
  • The major ways that the federal government promotes business activity in the United States
  • Steps taken by the government to regulate businesses, especially trusts and monopolies
  • The steps the government takes to protect the American consumer
  • The role of the government in regulating and working with labor unions
12/19 590-595
  • The ways that a welfare state has emerged in the United States in the 20th Century, especially since the New Deal
  • The nature and roles of the essential Public Assistance Programs that are run by the federal government
  • The ways that the federal government promotes public health
1/7 607-613
  • The major factors that drive United States' foreign policy
  • How American foreign policy has changed over the years (esp. isolationism vs. internationalism)
  • The ways that the 20th century have made the United States into a world power
1/9 Current Event #7 Due (last one of the semester)
1/10 689-694
  • the origins of modern democracy as a political system
  • The wide variety of parliamentary democracies in practice around the world
  • The challenges facing consolidated democracies

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1/14 696-701
  • the characteristics that define a state as an "emerging democracy"
  • the importance of the solidarity movement in Poland and the challenges faced there
  • the emergence of democracy in South Africa out of the system of Apartheid
  • the challenges Mexico has faced throughout the century in achieving true democracy
1/17 702-707
  • the major ways that life in an authoritarian state differs from a democracy.  Pay special attention to the examples provided by China, Cuba, Iran and Iraq

There will not be a separate unit test, it  will be a part of the final exam.