American Political Systems and Economics
with Mr. Swanson at Thousand Oaks High School
Units of Study
Unit I:  Origins of American Democracy, the Legislative Branch
Unit II: The Executive Branch, Judicial Branch and the Rights of Citizens
Unit III: Participation in Government and State and Local Government
Unit IV: Public Policy and Political Systems

Econ Unit I

Econ Unit II

Econ Unit III

Econ Unit IV

Econ Final Review

Other Course Information:
Current Event Assignment Sheet

Class Grades Period One

Class Grades Period Five

Mutual Fund Project

Helpful Links and Information
Current Events Resources:
Newspapers: The Washington Post , Los Angeles Times , and Christian Science Monitor; for state issues check out the Sacramento Bee
Magazines: U.S. News and World Report , Time, and Newsweek
Economic News: CNNfn , Bloomberg, Google Business News, the NASDAQ , or the New York Stock Exchange .
The U.S. Senate The official site of the senate with links to pages for each of its members. 
Click here for Senator Boxer's Page and here for Senator Feinstein's Page
The Supreme Court The official site of the Supreme Court.  Click here for a collection of important court decisions.
The U.S. House of Representatives The official site of the house with links to pages for each of its members.  Click here for Representative Gallegly's Page, Click here to e-mail Rep. Gallegly
The White House The official site for the President and the rest of the executive branch.
Important government departments, such as: The Federal Reserve Board , Defense Link from the DoD , The Department of Health and Human Services , The Department of Education , and The State Department can be found here.

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