Nixon to Now!

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Breakdown of the Final Exam:

Key Terms to Make Sure You Understand


silent majority honorable peace in Vietnam
plumbers Visits to China & USSR
SALT I & II "new federalism" school busing Watergate Burglary
Woodward & Bernstein Silent Majority
Ervin Committee Saturday Night Massacre
the Tapes John Dean Detente Ford's pardon

OPEC embargo Mayaguez Incident
Whip Inflation Now
Election of 1976

Camp David Accords Amnesty & the Panama Canal Iran Hostage Crisis Environmental problems
Soviets in Afghanistan grain embargo Election of 1980 man of the people
ERA Rust Belt

Election of 1980 Reaganomics the ideology of conservativism hard line on the USSR
Iran Contra Affair Savings and Loan Crisis Oliver North Sandra Day O'Connor
Election of 1988 "Star Wars"/Military Build up
Gorbachev AIDS
Berlin Wall Part II Moral Majority
Geraldine Ferraro corporate takeovers
George H.W. Bush

"read my lips, no new taxes!" terrorism Clarence Thomas
New Drug Epidemic
Ross Perot Manuel Noriega Persian Gulf War I


Health Care Reform Crises in Yugoslavia graying of America immigration issues
Contract with America "It's the economy, stupid!"

Welfare reform
Technology Boom/Bubble
Whitewater Scandal
Lewinsky Scandal/Impeachment
George W. Bush

TSA, Patriot Act, Guantanamo
War in Afghanistan
Gulf War II, WMDs
"Bush Tax Cuts"
NCLB, Faith Based Initiatives